Thyroid Cancer Webinar


Thyroid cancer is one of the Commonest malignancies in Saudi Arabia, this webinar will discuss its approach and management from both medical and surgical aspects.
It is directed to otolaryngology - head and neck surgery residents and fellows.


To discuss challenging cases of thyroid cancer
To understand the basics of thyroid nodule radiology and TIRADS classification
To learn the basics of radiofrequency thyroid ablation
To learn the treatment options of hypocalcemia and immediate post op calcium management post thyroidectomy
To learn the indications of radioactive iodine in thyroid cancer
To learn the treatment options of TKI in thyroid cancer.

المستهدفين :

Student / Intern
Nursing and Midwifery
Resident / Fellow


230 SR


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معلومات الاتصال

المنظم : Virtual Medical Academy
الهاتف : 920008161
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230 SR
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  • الثلاثاء  19  يناير  2021   الى   الثلاثاء  19  يناير  2021
  • 04:00 مساءاً  الى  10:00 مساءاً
  • الشهادة متاحة
  • SCFHS 7 CME hour
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