Introduction to The Saudi Specialist Laboratory License Exam (SLLE)


Congratulations on your graduation, we hope that you had a wonderful experience during your years in the medical lab school. Now, it's time for your SLLE, but it's hard to remember everything you've studied, well, we have the solution for you, join us in this introductory lecture to get more tips and tricks about the exam.

Please note that we are conducting a comprehensive course on how to prepare for this exam and have an overview about most of what you have studied, and particularly the important topics that will come in the exam. If you are interested you can join us later in the course on the 26th of June.


By the end of the lecture, you will be able to:
1. Clarify the nature of the SLL exam to the participants.
2. Identify the most common tips and trick for the exam.

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Online session for 1 hour

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Student / Intern
Clinical Laboratory Sciences



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