Chest X Ray Basics and Cases Interpretation


Chest X-Ray Interpretations - Part III

CXR is needed daily for every single patient in our rounds, more and more cases and orientations to be ready for internship, residency, and real practice.

You can join and gain knowledge from this session for free. You also have the option to pay SR 75 to upgrade for some additional benefits. When you upgrade you will receive a certificate of achievement and 4 CME hours if you attend 70% of the session live.


By the end of the session, learners will be able to:
- Identify the normal and abnormal findings in a chest X-Ray
- Approach abnormal findings in a systematic way
- Plan appropriate diagnosis, investigation, and management with the aid of a chest X-Ray
- Interpret chest X-Ray findings

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An interesting interactive workshop for CXR interpretations and real cases that will help you to Prepare for OSCE exams

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Student / Intern
Respiratory Therapy
Resident / Fellow



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