Pain in Critical Care Setting


Pain is a major public health issue throughout the world and represents a major clinical, social, and economic problem. The inability of intensive-care unit (ICU) patients to report pain because of mechanical ventilation, concomitant use of sedatives, or as a consequence of loss of consciousness should not preclude pain control. Acute pain has emerged as a leading stressor for ICU patients.
Managing pain in ICUs may seem daunting due to the patients’ serious and often unstable health status, healthcare providers’ lack of awareness regarding pain’s impact on overall health status, coupled with the physical care demands within the critical care environment

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By the end of the session, learners will be able to:
1- Identify the best practices for the management of pain in the ICU
2- Evaluate options for adjuvant pain treatment in the ICU patient

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An online session for 1 hour, aiming to help the healthcare providers to develop awareness towards the topic

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