ECG in Pediatrics


An electrocardiogram (ECG) may be requested as part of the investigation of a wide range of problems in Paediatrics, often in patients who have no clinical evidence of cardiac disease. Frequently the request is made by practitioners with no particular expertise in cardiology. The basic principles of interpretation of the ECG in children are identical to those in adults, but the progressive changes in anatomy and physiology which take place between birth and adolescence result in some features which differ significantly from the normal adult pattern and vary according to the age of the child. The correct interpretation of the ECG is extremely important and might save lives and decrease mortality and morbidity.

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By the end of this lecture, learners will be able to:
1- Describe how to read normal ECG in a systematic approach
2- List the common abnormalities in the ECG
3- Identify how to manage such patients.

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In this online session, we are going to discuss the normal ECG and how to read it in a systematic approach, then the most common abnormalities in pediatrics:
Wide complex and narrow complex tachycardia plus bradycardia with management options.

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