7th Pediatric Intensive Review Course


An intensive review course targeting R4 pediatric residents. The course aims to provide an intensive review in the form of MCQ’s, slide presentations and up to date knowledge of numerous subspecialties. We aim to boost your confidence and prepare you for pediatric board exams. Sessions will be presented by highly regarded faculty who are experienced with the Pediatric exam and will include an overview of the most important aspects. Don’t wait too long, join the course and start learning now!

الموضوع الرئيسي

Pediatric Intensive Review Course is designed for pediatric medical Residents (R4, R3). The course is interactive and will prepare you for the upcoming Pediatrics Board Exam with a multiple-choice question and slides board-style questions. Different sub-speciality will be given, the questions will appear on the presenter’s slide and your interaction is necessary to drive the session as well as to measure your knowledge. At the end of each question, the instructor will provide the correct answer and a short brief about the topic.


By the end of the course, you will be able to:
1- Familiarize yourself with the Saudi Board Exam Style before applying
2- Analyze the multiple choice questions to reach the correct answer
3- Identify the common areas and topics that the questions elicit
4- Determine the common topics of slides that may come in the exam

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2415 SR

قبل تاريخ   26-07-2020

1995 SR


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