About us

The Virtual Medical Academy is the 1st health e-learning platform with more than 7 years experience accredited by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties. 


This project was launched on March 3rd, 2013


Aims to provide an innovative and modern educational environment with a holistic view that contributes to raising the efficiency of human life by delivering qualified health educational programs in an easy and accessible way for all health care providers. We are glad that we helped 80k learners who had 97% satisfaction with our services. 


In addition, as an e-learning institution caring about health education and the development of health practitioners, we aspire to enable health institutions and expert speakers through our platform by hosting quality & unique programs, providing a smooth registration system, and broadcasting services for their onsite conferences to raise the efficiency of practitioners. We empowered 95 satisfied health institution partners by broadcasted 102 events. 


Virtual Medical Academy.. Where dreams become bigger