Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions 


Registration Payment Policy
Full payments of registration fee must be made within 72 hour of registration. If payments not receive during this period the registration will be cancel.
All payment should be by a bank transfer to the VMA account described in Payment Details section either online using E- bank services or wire transfer.
In both cases please Save and/or scan the receipt for registration purposes. Participant must write the bank transfer number, date of transfer, name of the bank on the registration filed in the website and attach the bank slip.
Successful Registrants will receive an immediate email notification with the invoice. 
Payments may also be made in cash onsite at the Registration Desk as onsite registration fee. 
Registration fee is determined at the time of payment.
Registration Confirmation
Confirmation of your registration is sent via email within 5 working day when confirm the receipt of payment. 
If you don't receive the confirmation letter after 5 working day please contact us on [email protected]
Registration Cancellation and Refund
You must contact us no later than 3 week before starting the event, to cancel your registration. For cancellations your registration fee will be refunded less a 30% cancellation fee. 
No refunds will be given for registration cancellations made after that time. 
Cancellation requests must identify the registrant's name, email address, confirmation number, and amount paid. Send cancellation requests to [email protected]
Registration Questions
Registration questions should be sent to [email protected]

Terms and Conditions of the Membership System



In this section we explain all the consequences of your participation in the system and what determines and governs the benefits of membership packages in addition to the requirements and obligations of the service provider and the subscriber in the system, so we hope that all members who subscribe or want to join us to be familiar with the terms and conditions of the membership system.

Explanation of some of the words contained in the terms and conditions:


What is the membership system?

Is a system that allows its members to take advantage of several educational services offered by the Virtual Medical Academy by subscribing to one of the membership packages available for a fixed fee.


Period of the Membership:

The membership period valid from the date of subscription until the full calendar year (365 days).

Membership allows subscribers to benefit from the package they subscribe to.


Membership System Feature:

The main advantage of the membership system is the ability to purchase unlimited educational services over an entire year, as well as other benefits according to the package chosen by the subscriber.

The value of the educational services available to you in the membership system will be more than the amount you will pay as a package price. This is an important feature provided by the system to its members.

Basic Service Pillars:

The basic service provided to you at the time of subscription is unlimited access to the content of the Academy library. (courses, lectures, and recorded scientific programs) which are currently in the list below (http://www.medicalacademy.org/portal/vma/classes) or those that we will add in the future in the library without any additional fees.

Also, each package of membership packages has its own features, as well as other features that include all or some of the bundles, including but not limited to “ unlimited access to library content, free online courses and lectures, free certificates, permanent discounts, and special rates, membership gifts, partner discounts, special invitations to participate in events before the public announcement ... etc”



Anyone who has an account in the Virtual Medical Academy can subscribe to the membership system. Also, those who do not have an account in the Virtual Medical Academy may create an account free of charge in order to subscribe to the system, the requirements of creating a new account is simple. It is to fill in your data to create an account, "Name" /"Specialty"/ email ... and other data, through the following page: (http://www.medicalacademy.org/portal/register-step1 ).


Your subscription to a paid package means:

Purchase of access to the library of the Academy only during the period of subscription, does not mean that you own any of the materials or features provided. We announce that all services and other features that are not entitled to access to the library are add-on services and are not included in the subscription fee. This results in the right of the Virtual Medical Academy to cancel it or not to provide it for any reason and notify the members by email.


Subscription fee: 

Subscription fees vary according to the package to be subscribed. Four packages are currently available as follows:

Subscription fees are fixed and no additional charges are required from the member during the subscription period. 


Upgrade package:

All members can upgrade the subscription from either the free package to one of the paid packages or from one paid package to higher paid packages. 

When requesting a package upgrade, the fee of the first package must be paid if the member package is the free package, If the member package is the first package, the member must pay the difference between the two packages.

In order to upgrade from the first package (with a fee of 2746.2 SAR annually), the member must pay the difference between the lower package and the higher package (with a fee of 3713.235 SAR annually), ie 3713.235 - 2746.2 = 967 SAR. Also, Membership cannot be transferred from a higher package to a lower package after 7 days of subscription.


Renew subscription:

Your subscription will be renewed automatically at the end of each year.  

Please Make sure from the followings:

- Always keep your billing information updated to avoid billing failures for the subscription and to ensure we charge the correct card. If auto-renewal failed, your membership plan will be downgraded to a free plan within 7 days.

- If you don't want the subscription to continue, you must cancel it before the end of the period to avoid being charged for the next subscription period. 


Cancellation and refund:


Termination of subscription:

The member's access to his / her account in the system is terminated upon termination of his or her membership in the trial period or annual membership or when he/she is requested to cancel his / her membership during the cancellation and refund period or after that upon the member's request. The termination of subscription means that the member can not access the library of the Academy, and can not benefit from the other membership advantages, in addition, to cancel the registration of the member in any future performance registered through the paid membership and benefited from the advantages of membership such as discounts and others before the cancellation of subscription.


Stop renewing the subscription or changing packages:

The Academy has the right to stop the renewal of subscription to one or all packages or to replace them with other packages, without prejudice to the entitlement of members participating in these packages until the end of their annual subscription, in addition, after the subscription of the old package expired, they can subscribe to the new or modified packages with the new fees and features advertised at the time.

The Virtual Medical Academy will communicate any price changes to you in advance.

Freeze Membership:

The system does not allow membership to be frozen at present, so membership is valid from the first day of subscription and for a full calendar year (365 days).


Obligations and promises of the system:

The system of membership is committed to providing access to the existing library at (http://www.medicalacademy.org/portal/vma/classes) according to the member's package only. The system does not comply with the creation or addition or availability of new materials, programs or activities for the library. The option to add new materials to the library is due to the Virtual Medical Academy.

Also, the ability of members to benefit from discounts is linked to decisions of launching courses or events by the Learning and Education department of the Virtual Medical Academy, as well as our contracts with other organizations that provide events or conferences. This means that we do not commit to offer specific or nonspecific programs, courses or conferences during the subscription period. Subscription in the membership system does not mean that during the period of your participation, you will definitely find certain events or conferences in your specialty  or interest in order to benefit from discounts or other features.

Discounts, services and goods provided by the Virtual Medical Academy’s partners are subject to the policy of the provider, and the Academy is not responsible.


Usage Policy:

The use of membership packages and associated services is subject to the general use policy of the Virtual Medical Academy (Policy Usage Link)

In addition to the terms and conditions of the membership system.


Terms of use :

Attendance Method :

Privacy policy :

The service provider is committed to respecting the privacy of the subscribers of the system packages and maintaining the confidentiality of all their data, and not to access their own accounts unless the member requests from the service provider after providing the entry data for any purpose required by the subscriber and requires the entry of the service provider.

The service provider have the right to use the data for the following purposes:

The member may submit an application after contacting him or canceling the notifications or permanently deleting his/her account from the system. We note that if the account is permanently deleted, it will erase all the data including the member's certificates of the activities in which he participated in his personal file As well as access to the virtual medical academy platform permanently.


Edit profile:

A member can submit a request to modify his or her personal data, in a manner that does not alter the account owner completely. he/she can modify "The name and spelling errors, e-mail, mobile number, Saudi Commission number, etc.” by contacting the member's care center.


Communication and customer service:

The technical support team works to provide its services to all members in several ways, as follows:

- Eamil

- Phone

- Support in the virtual Classroom

- Support Form

To answer your questions or assistance, please contact us at:

These are the official means of communication with us.

Service interruption / Or the service provider stops providing the service:

Technical support services:
- Solve technical problems related to login to the virtual classroom
- Training on how to use the system and create a membership
- Obtaining the certificate and accessing the records
- Registration for events and payment methods
Working Hours:
From Saturday to Thursday from 10 am to 10 pm.

If the service provider stops providing the service:

In such case, the service provider shall notify the subscriber before the transfer of ownership. If the membership subscription does not expire at the time, the service provider shall oblige the acquiring company to comply with the agreement until the member's membership is terminated.

In this case, the service provider is obliged to inform the subscriber of the period available in the system. If the subscriber has a remaining period of subscription, the service provider will refund the amount of the remaining amount to the subscriber, as follows:


Usage Policy Violation:

The Virtual Medical Academy may terminate the membership of any member temporarily or permanently in violation of the usage policy without notice. The member is not entitled to claim any fees or damages as a result, and the Academy is entitled to ask the member for damages resulting from the violation of the terms and conditions related to the membership system.


Change Terms & Conditions:

The Virtual Medical Academy reserves the right to change the terms and conditions whenever it deems fit and informs members of any updates to the Terms and Conditions.


Approval :

Participation in the membership system means that the subscriber is fully aware of and understands all the terms and conditions relating to this system, and he/she has read and approved and that he is fully bound by them and is responsible for any violation monitored by him or through his account in this system.