Why us?


 The VMA has gained a database that exceeds 80,000 members specialized in various fields of science and health.

The originality and individuality of the idea is what makes it the first of its kind in the Middle East.

What distinguishes the VMA is the quality, precision and effectiveness of what we offer. This is reflected in the presence of 80% of attendees in events throughout the broadcast, and in the increase by 150 % of all members in one year.

We broadcasts activities and lectures in an interactive way, making the distance between the speaker and the audience barely noticeable.

Our goals revolve around customer service and building educational programs based on the user's needs through data collection and though evaluation.

We are always working to gain the latest technologies and electronic gadgets while also fostering innovative pioneer ideas and adapting them to serve in improving medical education .

We attract the best instructors and speakers who are interested in the development of medical and health education .

We have a professional team that works to adapt all means available and devise new ways to enable the project and achieve all its goals.