Values and Strategies

Our values​​

• High quality content.

• Innovation and development.

• Collaboration.

• Gaining trust.

• Maintaining a professional manner in providing the best services.

• Members satisfaction is of our highest interest.


Work Strategy

We believe in providing a high quality of health services is a legitimate and essential right for everyone in all circumstances without any discrimination or distinction. To achieve this principle we need to take a huge commitment. It is why we aim to give you handy educational tools, vibrant lessons, expert instructors and faculty to get the results you want.



With the VMA, no more precious time would be spent searching for new events, or commuting to and fro interesting courses. Your choice in tutors is wider and more varied. Your schedule too, is tailored to your preferences and commitments.

Your educational tools are always with you; your tablet, smart phone, or your personal computer. Your classes can be delivered to you anywhere you go with an internet connection. Different learning styles are accommodated, whether group learning or one-on-one classes. The possibilities are endless!


Solid Foundations

To launch yourself into the world as an efficient healthcare worker, you need to start on a solid ground. Whether it is updated knowledge, clinical skills, personal and management skills, or any needed trait for healthcare professionals, the VMA is there for you. You can learn and discuss what you need to acquire and hone your skills before practicing them in the field, and evaluate them later with peers and expert tutors. We in the VMA are always on the lookout for any educational opportunities to help guide you to the right path to be an efficient healthcare worker.


Customized For You

In the VMA, we have excellent specialized, skilled, and certified faculty members who are eager to teach. They are all carefully selected, and their performance is evaluated through students’ feedback and the VMA advisors regularly. These elite faculty members will continue to help you achieve high practice standards, and to support you through your learning journey.



We are also partnering with top universities and organizations in the world to offer virtual courses for everyone. The offered courses may be either paid or free of charge depending on multiple organizational factors.