2nd ENT OSCE Preparation Course


If you are keen to prepare for your OSCE exam, we believe that you’ll find this course very useful for you!

These sessions take a hands-on, real-world approach to learning that keeps you engaged, allows you to understand the key factors that drive the medical decision-making process. This course also challenges the professional to be innovative and reveals their errors in case-handling and provides an open space for improved decision making based on evidence-based practice for real-world responsibilities.

Sessions will be presented by highly regarded faculty who are experienced with the ENT OSCE exam and will include an overview of the most important aspects of each station. Don’t wait too long, join the course and start learning now!

الموضوع الرئيسي

ENT OSCE Preparation course is designed for ENT Residents (R2-R4). The course is interactive/online and will prepare you for the upcoming ENT OSCE exam. Each session will include a number of real exam cases. The instructor will choose one of the participants to discuss the case using the mic +/-camera. At the end of each case, the instructor will provide participants with feedback and the main points from the case scenario.

Duration: 5 sessions, with a total of 15 hrs; each session will be for 3 hours.

Technical Requirements:
To ensure that your participation in VMA Live Online Learning course is successful, please prepare the following:

1- High-quality headphone
2- Web camera so you can speak and be seen during the webinar (optional)
3- Take a diagnostic test that will check and guide you to install the required version of Adobe flash player and the Adobe connect meeting add-in ( https://goo.gl/9MqPQG )
4- Ensure your computer and network connections are properly configured to provide you with the best possible meeting experience. Your Internet connection should be at least 4 megabits.

If you want to use IOS or android system you can download the Adobe Connect application from the app store.


By the end of the course, candidates should be able to:

- Be familiar with the OSCE environment and stations
- Highlight the important aspects of the OSCE exam
- Identify the expected and common topics of the exam

المستهدفين :

Resident / Fellow



920 SR

قبل تاريخ   30-06-2020

690 SR

Residents /Fellow -Physician - Internship -Medical Students

VAT Included
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