Introduction to Nuclear Medicine (NM) in diagnosis and therapy


Nuclear medicine is a medical specialty that utilizes nuclear radioactive agents for the diagnosis and therapy of a variety of human diseases, notably cancer, cardiovascular and neuro-endocrine diseases and therapy of thyroid, bone and liver diseases.

NM has evolved in the last decade making it one of the most promising field in medicine and becoming an integral part of patients care. NM offer alternative or sometimes definite option of choice in various specialties including oncology, surgery, internal medicine, paediatrics, O&G, psychiatrics among others.

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Main theme

It is about one online interactive hour, encouraging the interaction style between the participants and the speaker.

Goals and Objectives

By the end of the session, candidates should be able to:

1. Understand the basic principles of Nuclear medicine imaging and therapy.
2. Recommend, identity and understand the interpret of nuclear procedures, including its advantages and pitfalls. Recommend nuclear therapy esp Radio-iodine for hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancers.
3. Understand the safety and radiation protection principles of nuclear procedures. To counsel and prepare patients for nuclear medicine procedures
3. Have confidence and not panic when you encounter nuclear scans in your exams

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