Gallbladder Rupture Case Study


In this online webinar, we will talk about an interesting case that has been encountered by one of the healthcare providers where gallbladder ruptures, just like how the balloon burst.
We will know that ultrasound modality is the key of choice when evaluating what's causing the right upper quadrant pain, and understand that early recognition of cholecystitis is crucial for treatment before it quickly becomes life-threatening.


By the end of the session, learners will be able to:
- Clarify the main cause behind gallbladder rupture.
- Identify the signs and symptoms associated with cholecystitis.
- Evaluate the patient's condition, and decide the best diagnostic and treatment modalities.

Main theme

This is going to be a short online activity for about 1 hour to inform the audience about the case study followed by Q&A you may encounter about the case.

This Course For :

All Healthcare Providers


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86.25 SR
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Organization : Virtual Medical Academy
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  • 21 Mar 2021    To    21 Mar 2021
  • 07:00 PM  To  08:00 PM
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