How Powerful Doppler is in Medicin and Sonography


Flow Doppler is NOT only to show the presence or absence of flow. It has everything to do with life, health, and death, it can estimate the velocity and volume of flow, view obstructions, and characterize any abnormality.
This webinar allows you and me to understand how doppler shifted sonography is very critical in medicine. Physicians and sonographers need to understand that not every red is representing an artery neither every blue is a vein, this webinar will clarify the confusion when it comes to reading the color Doppler map and figuring out the direction of flow.

Doppler Ultrasound. It’s NOT only beautiful but very valuable in sonography as long as you are fully aware of the standard protocols and reading Doppler correctly


By the end of the webinar, attendees will be able to
- Recognize spectral and color Doppler in relationship to flow direction of flood
- Differentiate between inverted and non-inverted color Doppler map as well as spectral Doppler scale and that could cause miss reading.
- Distinguish between what's flowing toward the transducer and what's flowing away from the transducer.
- Read color Doppler map when it’s inverted
- Discuss the spectral Doppler artifact and whatever could limit your interpretation as a sonographer

Main theme

This is going to be given live allowing communication with my audience.
It will end with Q&A

This Course For :

Student / Intern
Nursing and Midwifery
Resident / Fellow
Radiological Technology ( Medical Imaging Informatics , Radiation Dosimetrist , Radiation Protection , Ultrasound , Magnetic Resonance Technology )
Medical Technology ( Medical Physics - Radiation Protection )
Technicians and Health Assistants ( Cardiac Catheterization )


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  • 07 Jul 2021    To    07 Jul 2021
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