The Journey Between Prevention & Treatment (Cancer Therapy & Future Challenges)


Cancer is a major cause of death and disability globally. It is considered a serious public health problem. Furthermore, management of cancer and especially acute cases is still a major unmet medical need. This course is intended for all health care providers especially nurses who are interested in gaining competency in working with individuals who have cancer and aiming to provide a holistic care for them.
Join us in this pre-recorded course to learn more about cancer management, prevention and nutritional therapy.


At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
1- Demonstrate knowledge of what is cancer, its pathogenesis, etiologies, complications, management and prevention.
2- Recognize the importance of cancer chemotherapy and how to deal with its side effect.
3- Describe the complications of cancer hormonal therapy.
4- Identify principles of cancer radiotherapy and its side effect.
5- Recognize the importance of cancer immunotherapy.
6- Recognize the standards mandated in stem cell transplant.
7- Describe the complications of general systemic reactions in cancer
8- Apply principles of behavioral change to facilitate nutritional care in cancer.
9- Recognize the importance of nutritional therapy in cancer management.
10- Illustrate the updates in cancer management and future challenges.

Main theme

A recorded course with 10 lectures about cancer and its management. The pre-recorded videos will be followed by a quiz to reinforce students understanding of cancer and its therapy. Purchase of the course grants you 2 weeks access to all the 10 recorded videos.

This Course For :

Student / Intern
Nursing and Midwifery
Dentistry and Related Specialties
Resident / Fellow
Healthcare & Hospital Administration
Health Informatics
Public and Community Health
Medical Technology
Technicians and Health Assistants


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Organization : Virtual Medical Academy
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103.5 SR
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