Training Program on High Performance Liquid chromatography and High Performance Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry in Clinical and Forensic Toxicology Testing


The goal of this practical training program is to enhance the participant’s understanding high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC and HPLCMS) the chromatographic techniques currently used for the detection of narcotics, poisons, drugs, drugs of abuse or their metabolites in clinical and forensic testing. When a specimen has a positive initial drug test result, laboratories must perform a confirmatory test to identify and quantify the specific poisons, drug or drug metabolite. This program focuses on the HPLC technology.


Describe the meant of all the parameters in an HPLC analytical method.
Identify how to follow an HPLC analytical method to set up an HPLC system for toxins analysis.
Practice how to run HPLC analytical method and analyse chromatographic results.
Demonstrate how to run HPLC, develop HPLC methods, and sample preparation for analysis of poisons or toxins in biological fluids in health sectors.
Developing HPLC methods for challenging separations of complicated mixtures of biological samples of trace poisons or unknown poisons and to troubleshoot HPLC.
Compare and analysis of all drugs, drugs of abuse and bilogical toxins.
Deffrentaite biological toxins produced by certain microorganisms, animals, and plants. Examples of toxins of biological origin (Diphtheria Toxin, Tetrodotoxin, Pertussis Toxin, Botulinium Toxin, Snake Venom Toxins, Conotoxin, Ricin and Cyanobacteria

المستهدفين :

Clinical Laboratory Sciences ( Clinical Biochemistry , Hematology - Coagulation , Immunology - Histocompatibity , Medical Genetics - Bioinformatics of Clinical Genetics , Medical Genetics - Molecular Genetics , Histopathology & Cytology - Histopathology , Histopathology & Cytology - Cytopathology , Blood Bank & Transfusion Medicine , Embryology , Medical Microbiology )
Clinical Pharmacy
Technicians and Health Assistants ( Laboratory ( Microbiology ) , Laboratory-Biochemistry )


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1150 SR
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  • الأحد  4  ديسمبر  2022   الى   الخميس  8  ديسمبر  2022
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