Thyroid Surgery in the Era of Molecular Testing


Molecular testing has become an essential tool in the management of thyroid cancer, providing valuable information about the tumor's genetic profile and helping thyroid physicians determine the best course of treatment for each patient. However, to fully understand and interpret the results of molecular testing, it is crucial to have a solid understanding of the basic genetics of the thyroid gland.
We will explore the fundamentals of thyroid genetics and how they relate to molecular testing and thyroid cancer surgery. In this lecture, you will have a comprehensive understanding of how molecular testing can advance the care of thyroid cancer, and how to interpret these results in order to provide the best possible care for your patients.


By the end of this lecture, the learners will be able to:
1- Clarify the basics of thyroid genetics, including the role of specific genes and mutations in thyroid cancer development and progression.
2- Explain how molecular testing can be used to guide treatment decisions in thyroid cancer, including determining surgical approaches and predicting prognosis.
3- Discuss the potential benefits and challenges of incorporating molecular testing into routine clinical practice for thyroid cancer management.

Main theme

Interactive session with speaker to cover the learning objectives. The learners able to asks their questions throw virtual classroom

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