Urinalysis Explained Clearly


Looking for clarity on how to interpret urinalysis results?
Are you brushing past some results because you don't understand their clinical significance? In Urinalysis Explained Clearly, renowned instructor Dr. Roger Seheult illustrates each urinalysis finding in a series of digestible videos, quizzes, and case studies.

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Certificate Requirements:
- You have to watch all the course recordings
- You must score at least 70% all the quizzes


By the end of the course, learners should be able to:
- Identify the pros and cons of each urine collection method
- Realize what each urinalysis result means (protein, nitrites, blood, etc.)
- A review of urine electrolytes
- How to perform a gross assessment of urine
- Illustrations of the key urine crystals and casts.

الموضوع الرئيسي

The course is comprised of 16 pre-recorded videos officially licensed to VMA by MedCram.com. Each pre-recorded video will be followed by a quiz to reinforce students understanding of key concepts. The course also comes with a free of charge session along with its short quiz, so you can check out the layout of our course before signing up.

المستهدفين :

Student / Intern
Other health care provider
Respiratory Therapy
Clinical Nutrition
Nursing and Midwifery
Dentistry and Related Specialties
Resident / Fellow
Occupational Therapy
Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Non Health Care Provaider
Healthcare & Hospital Administration
Health Education


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