Emergency Medicine Review Course


VMA offers a pre-recorded crash course designed to offer broad exposure to most important topics in emergency medicine in short time! The goal of the course is to support and guide interns, Gp, and ER residents in acquiring the knowledge required to provide outstanding care for patients. The course will be presented by a trusted medical professional and will cover topics such as:

The course will cover the following topics:
- Burn
- Cardiogenic Shock
- Toxicology acetaminophen
- Approach to TBI
- Approach to Abdominal trauma
- Approach to DKA


By the end of the course, candidates will be able to:
- Deal with major burn in the emergency department, how assess the severity of the injury and the appropriate treatment.
- Define cardiogenic shock, and its diagnosis and management in the emergency department.
- Describe acetaminophen metabolism in the liver, recognize the cause of acute acetaminophen toxicity and the management of it.
- Recognize the definition, causes, classification, clinical presentation, diagnosis and management of traumatic brain injury.
- Recognize the definition, epidemiology, classification, diagnosis and the management of abdominal trauma.
- Recognize the definition, pathophysiology, causes, clinical presentation, diagnosis and management of diabetic ketoacidosis.

Main theme

Emergency Medicine Review course is comprised of 6 pre-recorded videos. The duration of each video is approximately 10 - 15 minutes. Purchase of the course grants you 1 year access to all the 6 recorded videos.

This Course For :

Student / Intern
Resident / Fellow


Course Fee

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115 SR
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Contact Information

Organization : Virtual Medical Academy
Phone : 920008161
Email : info@medicalacademy.org

115 SR
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