Infection Control Updates Conference


TP Clinical Variety in healthcare workers

Prof. Tariq Madani

COVID-19 and Practical Considerstions for Antibiotic Stewardship

Dr. Khalid Eljaaly

Resistance Rate in KSA

Dr. Laila Alawdah

New Molecular Microbiology Tool for Infection Control

Dr. Sameera Al Johani

Infection Control in Burn Unit

Dr. Muhammad Halwani

Biosafety and Biosecurity in Laboratories

Dr. Shaihana Abdulrahman Almatrrouk

Highlight Economic Impact of Pandemic

Dr. Mahmoud AlYamani

The role of clusters during pandemic

Dr. Mohammed Alkhalawi

COVID-19 Isolation Period Conflict

Dr. Mohammed AlRaey

CSSD Quality During COVID-19

Mr. Assaf AlMalki

COVID-19 Vaccine

Dr. Mohammed Alaboud

Diagnosis of COVID-19

Prof. Zaki Monawar Eisa

Impact of COVID19 Pandemic on Other Respiratory Viruses

Dr. Majid Alshamrani

Lab Safety & Environmental Control Workshop

Ms. Nahla Al Turki , Dr. Sana Ali Alshaikh

Certificate of Infection Control & Epidemiology (CIC) Workshop

Dr. Yameen AlMatawah

Antimicrobial Stewardship Workshop

Dr. Mushira Enani , Dr. Areej Malhani