New Era On Rehabilitation Virtual Conference


Physical Rehabilitation and Precautions

Ms.Hanan Alqhatani

MS Multidisciplinary Clinic

Dr. Shireen Alqurashi

Speech disorders assessment and management in neurodegenerative diseases.

Ms. Hanan Alzahrani

General overview of MS

Dr.Moayd Alkhalifah

MS Peer Support

Dr. Abdullah Almogbel

Upper extremity outcomes measures

Mr. Yazeed Tamraz

hand therapy

Mr.Yousif Alessa

Sports rehabilitation (youth )

Prof. Qassim Muaidi

Pain Management

Dr. Faris Alodaibi

Injury Prevention Programs for Common Sports Injuries

Dr. Hussain Ghulam

Person Center Approach

Dr.Nabat Majrashi

Panel Discussion : Case Scenario (Stroke)

Mr. Mohammed H Alharbi , Mr. Fawaz Abu Saud

Levels of Mobility

Ms. Marwa Makhdoom

Physiotherapy Guidelines with COVID-19

Dr.Mohammed A. Takroni

OT Role in ICU and With Covid-19 Patients

Mr. Yousef Sulaiman Al Eisa

Aerobic Capacity post covid

Ms. Eman Almutairi

Area for Assessment Post covid 19 (Challenges)

Ms. Wejdan AlWehaibi

Ongoing Respiratory Problems After COVID-19, Concerns and Solutions.

Mr. Abdulaziz Alyami

Breathing exercise with ALS

Ms. Suzan Ahmad Lubbad

Risk of aspiration and dysphagia management

Ms. Norah AlSadhan

Seating and positioning

Mr. Mostafa Bu Khmseen

Telehealth Practice Guide for Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech and Language Pathology: a Saudi and Middle Eastern guide

Dr. Bazah Almubark

3D printing and Assistance Technology

Mr. Mansour Abdulaziz Alarfaj

Where we stand in AAC System

Ms.Lamees Abdelmuti Aljawhari

Panel Discussion: Saudi Inventors in Rehabilitation Technology

Mr. Hussain Alhassan , Ms. Sara ALageel , Ms. Norah Alghusun