4th Virtual International Pediatric Conference (VIPCo)


Workshop: How to utilize screening tools and interpretations for autism spectrum disorder and ADHD

Dr. Hatem Alharbi

Workshop: Asthma Management

Dr. Abdullah Al-Shamrani

Workshop: Nutritional Assessment & Caloric Need

Mrs. Wejdan Alabdulkarim

Where we stand now!

Dr.Abduljabbar Alfetni

Seizure screening and prevention in children with metabolic disorders

Dr. Ahmad Hassan

Learning disabilities screening

Dr. Monica McHale-Small

Neuromuscular diseases: The early determination

Dr. Fouad Al-Ghamdi

Rheumatic fever prevention, all what you need to know

Dr. Abdulrhman Alrasheed

Duct dependent lesions CHD, What you should know about to improve outcome.

Dr. Mohammed Bin Moallim

Prevention of Influenza and RSV Infections in Children.

Dr. Nasser Alharbi

Prevention of asthma, is it possible ?

Dr. Khalid Mobaireek

It is not always Asthma ?

Dr.Mona Albalawi

Battling the resistance: Antimicrobial stewardship for a stronger tomorrow

Dr.Khaled alsgheir

All you need to know about Congenital infections: protecting our ittle miracles

Dr. Abdulnasir Alotaibi

Strategies for the Early Screening and Prevention of Child Maltreatment: A Comprehensive Guide for Healthcare Professionals

Dr. Fadiah Alkhattabi

Screening for Celiac Disease

Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Hussaini

Injury Prevention Opportunities at Home

Dr. Jihad A. Zahraa

Prevention of Anaphylaxis

Dr. Safeyah Qasem Aljurfi

Updates in Indirect hyperbilirubinemia

Dr. Abdullah Hawash Saleh Alonazi

Developmental Surveillance

Dr. Yossef Alnasser

Nutritional Screening

Mrs.Hasna Al-Shammari

Screening for hearing complaints in general pediatric setting

Dr. Ammar HabebAllah

Milk and Food Allergy: Preventive Measure

Dr. Sultan.albuhairi

Ophthalmology Screening for Gen Peds

Dr. Amani Saeed AlBakri

Prevention of SCA Crises and Complication

Dr. Fawaz Abdulaziz ALKasim

Bleeding Disorders in Children

Dr. Aban Bahabri

Iron deficiency Anemia

Dr. Hwazen Ali Shash

What Pediatricians Need to know about Pediatric Dyslipidemia

Dr. Aqeel Alaqeel

Metabolic Screening Program

Dr. Dalal Bubshait

Prevention of obesity by promoting Health life style

Dr. Saleh Alrajhi