How to Read a Scientific Paper?


Don’t let dense writing put you off!

No matter what your field is, you will always be assigned a scientific paper to read which is certainly a complex task. This course is intended to help you get started!
Reading a scientific paper is completely different from reading a textbook. There are various ways to approach this task, but as a first step the article should be skimmed throughly in order to identify its structure and features. This session will discuss the main conventional IMRD structure: An abstract followed by Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion and the purpose of each section. The speakers will give an overview on how to read each section and highlight the important points to be able to read an article quickly. The course will also include an illustration on how the speakers read an article.


By the end of this course, candidates should be able to:
- Purpose of each section in an article
- Highlight the main points from each section
- Read a scientific paper quickly

Main theme

This is a pre-recorded course with a total of two hours.

Part I: Structure of the scientific paper (IMRaD):
- What is it and why it important?

Part II: How to read a scientific paper?
- Overview on some essential reading techniques (skimming, scanning, taking notes, etc.)
- How to read each section of the scientific paper?

This Course For :

Resident / Fellow
Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Respiratory Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Non Health Care Provider
Healthcare & Hospital Administration
Health Education
Clinical Nutrition
Health Informatics
Nursing and Midwifery
Speech Disorder
Dentistry and Related Specialties
Student / Intern
Other health care provider


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115 SR
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